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South Korea: The Most Popular Dream Destination

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South Korea is famous for its stark contrasts and wild contradictions. There, you get to see skyscrapers beside ancient temples; experience busy city life while having a serene nature nearby, and this is where both tradition and technology coexist.

Upon visiting this country, you will get to experience a lot of things if you just explore. From vising Seoul to Busan, joining festivals and treks, you will surely experience everything that South Korea could offer.

Top Things to Do in South Korea

  • Sing in a Noraebang

One best way for you to feel like Korean is to gather your friends together, sing and have beers in a Noraebang, a Korean karaoke room. Here, you will have a lot of songs that you can choose from, but mostly are 90’s favorites.

  • Explore Jeju Island

Jeju Island can be considered as the most famous destination in South Korea because of its mountain views and turquoise waters. When you visit this place, you can experience hiking in a volcanic crater, chasing waterfalls, and swimming in a pool that is formed naturally.

  • Get Naked at Jjimjilbang

Jjimjilbang is one of the best spa retreats that you must not miss in South Korea. Try their exfoliation body scrubs or you can try and relax at their hot tubs that comes with different temperatures. Surely, you’ll not regret this place when you find out how smooth your skin will be after your experience here.

  • Eat Live Octopus

If you are fond of eating exotic foods, you should not miss the chance of eating an octopus alive.

Tip: You can go directly to fish markets in South Korea and ask for ssanakji. They will give you live octopus along with some details of a nearby restaurant that can help you prepare it.

  • See the Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

Just like in Japan, South Korea also has wonderful and mesmerizing cherry blossoms. Plus, seeing them here is less expensive compared to seeing them in Japan. During April, South Korea typically becomes a tourist destination because of its cherry blossoms.

Major Festivals in South Korea

  • Boryeong Mud Festival

Celebrated during the second week of July, you can experience a different kind of festival this time. This festival is unique as people would be trying mud wrestling, mud sliding, and dipping inside a mud bath.

  • Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

This festival, which is voted to be the best one, is celebrated in January. Since this is celebrated during winter, activities in this festival includes ice sculpting, sledding, and catching fish with your bare hands.

  • Andong International Maskdance Festival

This is celebrated during late September until early of October. In celebrating this festival, there is a massive display of mask dancing that takes place. Thus, people from around the world visit here so that they can showcase the various traditional mask dances.

  • Seoul Lantern Festival

Every first Friday of November, the Seoul Lantern Festival is celebrated with different themes each year. Since it’s a lantern festival, expect that you will see lots of lanterns that are light up in Cheonggyecheon, Seoul.

  • Namwon Chunhyang Festival

During the month of April, a celebration for the famous folk story characters in Korea is enjoyed by the people. These characters are Chunhyangjeon and Chunhyang.

*Take note that these festivals are following the Lunar calendar, thus its exact dates would vary every year.

5 Reasons Why You Must Visit the Philippine Island of Palawan

White beaches, dancing palm trees, and blue waters. Boat tripping in a lagoon wherein you can swim together with the turtles and experience kayaking and enjoy the scenery of corals in the morning, fresh fish being served during afternoon, and evening massage along the beach. That is what you get to experience in life once you visit this beautiful paradise of Palawan, Philippines. In this article, you will learn five reasons why you must visit Palawan!

1. Tropical paradise in the Philippines with stunning beaches.

Palawan is known to be the earth’s tropical paradise. It has a pleasant temperature all throughout the year and it even has unlimited sunshine. The climate here could be very different when you compare it to the other tourist spots in the Philippines. Moreover, typhoons rarely hit Palawan because of the island’s geographical position.

Aside from that, you can find solitude and serenity in this beautiful island. It has a lot of pristine lovely beaches that are surrounded by clear and calm waters.

Furthermore, one of the 7 Wonders of Nature is also located in this island – the Underground River. This river is the world’s longest passable underground river which measures 8.2 km.

2. Snorkeling and scuba diving experience is the best.

My technician from recommended the scuba diving here. I tried it and it was the best experience of my life!

The clear sea here offers a unique sight because you can appreciate the reef’s beauty even if you just swim with a mask and fin. Also, seeing dolphins, sea turtles, whale sharks and even sea cows is not unusual in this island.

Another exciting activity that you must try is scuba diving. Palawan island has numerous dive sites and one of the most visited one is the Tubbataha Reef. This lies at the center of Sulu Sea and a few of the scenic corals in the whole world is seen here, hence, it is recognized as the Philippine’s best diving spot.

3. Where the clearest lake all over the world is located: Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan Lake is said to be the clearest and the cleanest lake you will see in the world. This lake contains both salt and fresh water, which guarantees that there is a special life undersea. To come here, you will have to climb first a rock through a curving staircase, and when you reach the top, you will see a breathtaking view of the Kayangan Lake.

4. A lot of exciting island-hopping tours.

There are a lot of tiny islands that surrounds Palawan, and you can visit each of these during island-hopping tours. To name a few of these islands are El Nido, Coron and Port Barton. During island-hopping, you can ask to stop at lagoons for a quick dip. Moreover, you can also sail along the islands that has clear lakes and caves.

5. Palawan has very warm and accommodating people.

You will notice here that majority of the locals in the island, and even in the Philippines, are remarkably friendly and happy-go-lucky individuals. All the locals here are willing to help all tourists may it be in giving directions or telling all about the history of the place.

So, in your next adventure, make sure that you visit the beautiful island of Palawan so that you will get to experience life in here!

Travel Bucket List: Top Places To Visit Around The World

If you love traveling, then you might have been researching different places to go to. Sometimes it’s even hard to come up with a complete list of places to travel around the world. This is because when you scan through different countries, you will find exciting places to try out. 

You can easily be confused about where to go and where not to go. In the end, you might end up not choosing any specific area. There are many places to go visiting around the world. 

But you must choose rightly. 

This article will share with you top places to travel around the world and enjoy the experience. These are all top places that you could check out, and you will be amazed by what you can achieve when you try out these places. 

  • Europe 

If you don’t know where to travel next, Europe should be your number one on the bucket list. Thanks to top things you can enjoy around this part of the world. 

Europe is a place that will give you an exciting experience. When you travel either alone, with your loved ones or family, you will find fun tourist attraction sites. 

When you travel to Europe, go to specific countries such as France, UK, and Italy. These three countries are on top of the fun you can get in Europe. They are at the top of the world for anyone who would wish to get a good experience in Europe. 

So, plan and travel to these countries. 

From history, culture, and amazing physical features, you will love Europe. Once you visit, you will want to go back over and over. This is because there is so much that you can get from this part of the world. 

  • East Africa 

If you have been to Africa, then you know this part of the world can offer great vacation experiences. But if you haven’t gone to East Africa, you are missing a lot. When you travel to East Africa, Kenya is a must-visit country. 

This is a fast-growing country in the region. It prides itself on the best beaches, parks, and physical features in the region. From beaches, game drives to desert safaris, Kenya will give you everything you would wish to have for your next vacation. 

And when you are in the region and have time, you can pass through South Africa. This is another exciting place to visit. 

  • United Arab Emirates 

If you haven’t experienced the magic of the middle east, then the United Arab Emirates should be at the top of your list. This is because there are so many fun activities that you can enjoy when you visit this region. The Emiratis have transformed this desert into a paradise. It’s all yours to travel and enjoy everything you will find in this region. 

Parting Shot 

If you are looking for top places to enjoy your travel, these places will give you everything that you would need. Plan and travel to enjoy your time in this region.